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We’re starting a new posting series here at The Pink Puck. “Hockey laughs”, because everyone could use a laugh and it should certainly relate to hockey!
The lockout has brought nothing but depression for hockey fans. As the inevitable draws near, laughs are few and far between. Maybe this will help if only for a second. 

Have a funny hockey picture to share, send it to; we’ll give youcredit for your submission!


We’re starting a new posting series here at The Pink Puck. “Hockey laughs”, because everyone could use a laugh and it should certainly relate to hockey!

The lockout has brought nothing but depression for hockey fans. As the inevitable draws near, laughs are few and far between. Maybe this will help if only for a second. 

Have a funny hockey picture to share, send it to; we’ll give youcredit for your submission!

Richmond’s Olympic Oval by Rochelle Bergman


It’s almost here… well, maybe…not yet..soon, we hope. Well…

The hockey season might or might not come to TVs everywhere this winter, time will tell.
I did read online this past week that if the season does not start due to a strike, then a few angry fans will stop going to places that are owned by hockey people. I’m wondering if it would change anything, if the fans strike?

My thoughts today are not about strikes or hockey but on a place I visited a few days ago.
I went to check out the Richmond’s Oval Rink, the rink that in 2010, hosted the Olympic speed skating.

What a wonderful and mega huge place, it is now.  It’s hard to picture thousands of people in the building looking down upon a oval shape rink; the building itself takes over two city blocks!  The outside is a vivid white which makes it easier to see the Olympic circles on the front of the building.

Still, the place has two full sized ice rinks, 23,000 square feet of fitness centre, soccer fields, table tennis areas, 13 volleyball courts, and basketball courts. This doesn’t touch any of the fitness rooms, meeting rooms or children’s play areas.  It would take me a year to walk from the east to the west of this building!

As I write this column, I am thinking of the hard work of the skaters who gave it all that they had in the 2010 Olympic games.  Looking at the distance, a feeling of awe came over me for the Olympic skaters.  Yes, they are not hockey players and really the only thing in common that they all have is the ice.   That brought on a feeling of respect for hockey.  It must be hard to keep on going for three periods, winning or losing.  I mean, it looks pretty easy skating from one net to another.  From a twenty minute recess times two- to on and off the hockey rink, when the coach yells your name.  Still, the whole on ice time looks really easy to me.  Yet, I thought it was the heat of the lights that made their faces covered in sweat!

I am surprised that the hockey players are not up in arms about the size of their rinks, the size makes grown men sweat!  I am surprised that the players are not on the ice rinks right now, measuring the size and the width of the rink.  Instead of paying by the game or season, maybe the managers should pay the players by inches in the USA or cm in Canada!

Justin Bieber to Shine in ECHL? by Winter Adams


That’s one way to boost ticket sales, Bakersfield Condors have offered superstar recording artist and budding RW Justin Bieber an amateur tryout contract for the upcoming season. Read all about it here!  

Bruins Ference Lends Support To You Can Play by Winter Adams


You Can Play’s Burke, Bruins Ference

Nowadays, one tweet can start a flutter and that’s exactly what happened for You Can Play’s (@YouCanPlayTeam) co-founder Patrick Burke (@BurkieYCP) on Monday. Burke was invited to join Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference (@Ferknuckle) for a brisk 7 mile bike ride, followed by a stair run at Harvard Stadium. The stair portion of the training regime is powered by theNovember Project (@Nov_Project); a grassroots campaign to support one another as athletes and train for a whopping $0.

While Burke declined to bike to the event, he did offer to participatepending his Twitter followers donate $500 to You Can Play. Pledges tweeted in at a rapid rate Monday evening; raising upwards of $2,500, with a donation from Ference himself.

A man of his word, Burke took to the stadium at 6:30 am with a mixed group of previous climbers and new additions such as himself. The premise of the November Project is to have fun, even when you’re faced with an NHL training partner. The morning was built around support and positivity, with a “pep talk” to calm nerves at the first step and a cheering squad of fellow participants at the last. It wasn’t a competition, but a moment of equality between athletes, no matter what level you compete at.

Ference is yet another NHL player lending a glove to a growing roster of supporters throughout the league. It’s safe to say, You Can Play has garnered the support of the NHL community, and neighboring sports in a big way.

In a continued effort to spread the message “If you can play, you can play”, Burke certainly rose to the challenge. Raising money and awareness, in this case a few thousand stairs at a time.

Team Treat Idea by Winter Adams

Photo taken from site below! Yum

Living a healthy lifestyle off the ice is important. Good food choices and exercise are key ingredients in prolonged on ice success, but occasionally a little treat makes all the difference. Hockey players know how to party, and for women, the dessert table is a team favorite. A few months ago, I attended an end of the season party and watched one of my teammates stare longingly at the dessert table; yet not partaking. Later I found out that she has a variety of allergies, eggs and dairy included. That being said, when I received an invite to our hockey-centric cookout this past weekend, I decided to do what a hockey player does best and help a teammate in need by making a dessert that everyone could enjoy.

After searching and trying various recipes on the internet, this beauty looked and later tasted absolutely perfect! Introducing “Vegan” Carrot Cake Cupcakes, guaranteed hit for any hockey fan or player in the league.

Try making it with this vegan cream cheese frosting recipe:

1/4 cup non-hydrogenated margarine (softened) – I used Olivio Coconut Spread
1/4 cup vegan cream cheese, softened
2 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Blend all ingredients with a hand mixer and refrigerate any leftovers you might have.
Boston Bruins Hit the Links for Foundation by Winter Adams

Bruins Shawn Thornton

Hockey players are no strangers to helping their community through various charitable endeavors; they also frequent the links. Hockey and golf go glove in glove, it’s often a close second to the ice for most of your NHL favorites. The Boston Bruins are no different as they convened for the first official time this season at The International Golf Club and Resort in Bolton, MA; for the 9th Annual Boston Bruins Golf Tournament. The tournament similar to many other events during the season, benefited the Boston Bruins Foundation and the Boston Bruins Alumni Association. The Bruins Foundation is one of the strongest in the league, with continued efforts throughout the year that strive to help a variety of charities.

Following an extensive off-season, after facing 1st round playoff elimination back in May; the Bruins were ready to look ahead to the coming season and like fans are hopeful for the puck to drop on time come October. Lockout talk was inevitable before hitting the links and the players on hand were open to discussing the possibility of a delay of game.

Bruins Andrew Ference wears an NHLPA hat.

While the upcoming season is in the air, players will weigh their on ice options if they have to come September 15th. Bruins NHLPA team rep Daniel Paille has been a constant source of information for his teammates, attending both meetings and sitting in on calls throughout the entire process this summer. David Krejci would opt to skate on a team back in Czech, while goaltender Tuukka Rask would opt out of heading back to Finland. Not ideal in terms of wanting to excel on NHL ice; newcomer Torey Krug would welcome the opportunity to skate and develop more with the AHL affiliate Providence Bruins.
“I’m prepared for whatever they need me to do” said Krug, “I’ll go down there, work as hard as I can and keep trying to get better.”

Bruins Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin could perhaps take the same route, but it’s not an option that’s fully on the table quite yet or something that the young forward has begun to think about.
“I want to be playing hockey NHL first, I thought about playing AHL” said Seguin, “thought about going overseas, nothing firm right now.”

The idea of a delayed season is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but the possibility of players hitting the ice on schedule is also in the playbook. “Right now” said Coach Julien, “my preparation is for the 21st.”

Players in attendance for today’s tournament; David Krejci, Shawn Thornton, Rich Peverley, Daniel Paille, Torey Krug, Patrice Bergeron, Johnny Boychuk, Milan Lucic, Tyler Seguin, Andrew Ference, Anton Khudobin, Dennis Seidenberg, Tuukka Rask and Chris Bourque. It’s important to mention that some other Bruins notables had prior commitments and were unable to attend.

2012 Bruins Golf Tournament: Tuukka Rask
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2012 Bruins Golf Tournament: Torey Krug
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2012 Bruins Golf Tournament: David Krejci
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2012 Bruins Golf Tournament: Tyler Seguin